25 Best, Rachana-tmak internet reactions from the Miss Nepal Make-up Controversy

So, by now you must have seen the Miss Nepal audition video circulating around the internet, where the judge Rachana Gurung Sharma, or 'Dabangg' in the words of Miss Nepal 2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwada, chastises the Miss Nepal aspirant Ashmita Maharjan for not wearing make-up and contact lenses. The YouTube video is right here if you haven't watched it yet. Naturally, the internet exploded when a platform practically defines its 'women empowerment' through make-up, and here are some of the best reactions.


5 Best Places To Visit In Pune

My primary purpose of traveling to Pune was to meet the love of my life. But that story is a blog for some other day. This is me trying to shortly describe my travel to Pune and some of its significant places during my two weeks stay on this delightful City. 5 Best Places To Visit In Pune Traveling to Pune from Mumbai through a flight was a disastrous idea. The traffic of Mumbai was scary, tempting me to instead travel through the plane. But the domestic flight of 20 minutes got delayed so bad, and to add to the pain was the knowledge about beautiful highway joining Mumbai and Pune. Ouch, but here we go. If you are the one to think…


How To Do Tilicho Trek in 5 Days?

It sounds like a lot when you hear: "How To Do Tilicho Trek in 5 Days!" I know what your mind processes when you listen to someone murmuring the word "Tilicho". The lake at the highest altitude, which rests upon the lap of snow-capped mountains. Altitude sickness, blizzards, scary roads, and what not? These are the very first things that come to ones mind when Tilicho makes it to the talk or even to the head unknowingly. Alright, let's cut the banal talks. And get you started on planning your trip to Tiliicho Lake. Firstly, make sure you are all fit and ready to experience any thrill that the trek might bring. DAY 1: Kathmandu - Besi Sahar | Besi Sahar - Chame,…


DARJEELING- A Sweet Cup of Tea

A place lying along the borderline east of Nepal, taking a bus to Darjeeling takes someone with severe endurance of long-distance travels through bumpy roads. On the way, a well-cooked Biryani around Chitwan and a freshly fried fish from Koshi made the trip at least full. The journey, on the other hand, was quite hectic. Nevertheless, we persisted and reached Darjeeling, supposedly the paradise for newlyweds couple on the West of Bengal. Upon reaching the place, which as expected was a little wet, we surrender ourselves to the hotel, with not even an ounce of energy left in our body to start exploring the place. The next day, having slept early, we got an early head start to start exploring. Of course, we…


Alluring Janakpurdham: The Holiness and The Bitterness

Time does heal the suffering. Once stranded with no money to even buy a cup of tea at the middle of Narayanghat, we were at Dhalkebar to see the sunrise from the balcony of Manakamna Hotel. Thanks to Tara dai again, who on an uncanny fashion handed us the zeal to visit the eastern part of Nepal. Sunrise from Dhalkebar Maybe, it does not make much sense. Did you happen to read the story behind how we made it to Janakpur at around 2:30 am in the morning? Here, probably you should read: Hippies from Chitwan, Land at Janakpur Now that we had had some rest; 4 hours of sleep in a comfy hotel room, we planned on heading out to the major…


10 Reasons Why Oxford, Mississippi Is The Worst!!!

1. There is literally no place to drink. Even the Square has a Library. 2. Absolutely no bookstores. No history of Nobel prize winning writers either. 3. People in Oxford think double-decker buses are a myth. 4. Greek Life? What is Greek Life? It’s probably banned in Oxford. 5. Wish there were more trees on campus. Squirrels to Ole Miss is like Unicorns to real world. 6. I wish tailgating was a thing. 7. You’re probably gonna have to drive to Memphis for lunch.

The Sound of Silence
Lakeside Pokhara

The Sound of Silence

By the Lakeside of the Lake City was where we were supposed to be for the Christmas Eve celebration. But as fate (and our zeal) would have it, we (kind of) celebrated Christmas up North, in the cold embrace of the mountains. Not the Christmas I'd envisioned for myself on my long pending homecoming. But, being under the darkest of night skies in the most formidable of places turned out to be far more appeasing than all the former festive evenings; spent under the vibrant lights, in air-conditioned rooms of distant cities with the clamor of the human ocean for company. We had set out from Kathmandu with high hopes of spending some quality time in Pokhara. And, if the weather was clement…


Hippies from Chitwan, Land at Janakpur

"What are you guys? Hippies! Hippies from Chitwan! Get some life, get back to Kathmandu. Have you seen your dress, let alone your deranged and tired faces? I do not have any money to lend you. You can go to Devghat and call it a night; they have a free service there". Tara Dai hits us hard on the phone. READ DEVGHATS SERENE AURA Having spent 2 days at Navodhaya School, Chitwan after a night at Devghats peaceful aura; most of our friends planned on hitting the capital at the dawn. And then there we were, I and Suvash pondering; how much pain can one human bear. We had spent two days in the Musahar community listening to their gut-wrenching troubles, and their…


Drunk and High: Kalinchowk 2014

This blog is going to be completely natural and completely raw. Disregard any grammatical errors, do not expect any literary explanation; hop with us on the trip to Kalinchowk all drunk and high. Right now, I am drunk and I will try to share the best moment of my life. I never knew Ruslan vodka and Ganja would give us that much energy that we, those who wore addicted to motorbikes could walk more than 6 km in the snow without any hesitation. It was Feb 14, 2014, while others were probably busy cuddling and vowing their partners of living together the whole life, we were stranded, drunk and high - completely free - with only a destination on the mind, Kalinchowk.  5…


Devghat’s Serene Aura

When did you get so spiritual? Why does every pinnacle and shrine make you so whimsical; even the smell? Pashupatinath, Krishna Mandir, Devgaht, what next? We were at one of the hotels ("Bhatti") at around 6 in the morning. Backpacked, we were ready to head out for Chitwan, to conduct research in the Mushar Community residing just an hour away from the scintillating light of Sauraha - the major tourist attraction. As always, with barely any plans on top of our head, we were conversing sitting at one corner of the hotel taking a sip from the cup of tea. In the virgin rays of the sun, dust whirled around our face from the stairs above us. Someone just ran through it; the…

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