5 Best Places To Visit In Pune

5 Best Places To Visit In Pune

My primary purpose of traveling to Pune was to meet the love of my life. But that story is a blog for some other day. This is me trying to shortly describe my travel to Pune and some of its significant places during my two weeks stay on this delightful City.

5 Best Places To Visit In Pune

Traveling to Pune from Mumbai through a flight was a disastrous idea. The traffic of Mumbai was scary, tempting me to instead travel through the plane. But the domestic flight of 20 minutes got delayed so bad, and to add to the pain was the knowledge about beautiful highway joining Mumbai and Pune. Ouch, but here we go. If you are the one to think that Mumbai is a nice place but a little too polluted and crowded, then Pune is a perfect destination for you.

The Best and Bitter of Pune


The calmness on the roads and lack of people makes you calm your mind after dense traveling through Mumbai Metro. Roaming around, most people were enjoying their campus life, weirdly decorated markets, and such frolic. I had enough of Uber, so I mostly decided to travel through tuk-tuk. And my god did it backfire. No, not my plan to travel through a tuk-tuk but the tuk-tuk itself.


Every ride felt like GTA road rage and none of the drivers seemed to be aware of handbrakes either. Instead, cursing seemed to work just fine for them. Whether it be an old lady walking through a Zebra Crossing or another one of the tuk-tuk, horns and Cursing flew right out. It was scary, slightly embarrassing too, but it didn’t take me long to get used to it. 

Our first stop among one of 5 best places to visit in Pune was the infamous Koregaon Park. I didn’t know what to look for there either, and upon asking the tuk-tuk driver, he simply replied, haa jo bhi dikhlo par paise chutte dena ( look at whatever you want but first pay me an exact price, I don’t have any changes ). It wasn’t surprising since hospitality wasn’t much common for me here. Not that they were rude either, but just brutally honest. My friend later explained how it’s known as Pune Attitude. I eventually got used to it.

After roaming around in the park, we traveled to Sinhagad fort, on Uber, of course. I had enough tuk-tuk for the day.  On the way to the fort, we also stopped by Khadakwasla Dam. The narrow yet beautiful roads reminded me of my home. We had a beautiful Southern Dish that I am in no way capable of pronouncing, so I just named it Puneian Pizza! It left a sweet taste in the mouth nevertheless.

Next day we went to Pune Okayama Friendship Garden. The rough frisking by the guard on our way in was the only uncomfortable moment of the day. The breath of fresh air was enough to spend the entire day on its premises. An Irish Pub was a perfect place after that to spend our afternoon. And with sobriety out of the window, may I acknowledge a nearby tattoo parlor, which I particularly don’t remember to make any comment about. Except for the fact that they make tattoos, and it lasts forever.

5 best places to visit in Pune

Our next visit was to Phoenix Market City, a beautiful big mall. A western vibe mixed alongside the cultural flex of Pune, this mall was a perfect hybrid. I tried offering a tip to the driver, but instead, he gave me a discount. I assume out of sarcasm, but I was happy with the deal. The mall was quiet, huge and full of western as well as local shops. There was a beautiful theatre as well and so many activities within the premises to enjoy.

The final touristic place on my list was a trek through Lonavala, far from city area. The trek involved beautiful nature, majestic hills and also some caves with a weird and sophisticated history behind it. People in Pune were mostly vegetarian which did make it difficult for us to find supper of our desire. After a short trek to Kalsubai to watch the most beautiful sunrise, we had to call an end to this beautiful trip.

5 Best Places To Visit In Pune

Though we loathe the things that add bitterness to our taste, they are the very things that add sweetness to the best. The Best and Bitter of Pune comes to hand to hand and is a place one should witness before pointing out its bitterness. Listing the best places to visit in Pune again:

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