25 Best, Rachana-tmak internet reactions from the Miss Nepal Make-up Controversy

So, by now you must have seen the Miss Nepal audition video circulating around the internet, where the judge Rachana Gurung Sharma, or 'Dabangg' in the words of Miss Nepal 2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwada, chastises the Miss Nepal aspirant Ashmita Maharjan for not wearing make-up and contact lenses. The YouTube video is right here if you haven't watched it yet. Naturally, the internet exploded when a platform practically defines its 'women empowerment' through make-up, and here are some of the best reactions.


10 Reasons Why Oxford, Mississippi Is The Worst!!!

1. There is literally no place to drink. Even the Square has a Library. 2. Absolutely no bookstores. No history of Nobel prize winning writers either. 3. People in Oxford think double-decker buses are a myth. 4. Greek Life? What is Greek Life? It’s probably banned in Oxford. 5. Wish there were more trees on campus. Squirrels to Ole Miss is like Unicorns to real world. 6. I wish tailgating was a thing. 7. You’re probably gonna have to drive to Memphis for lunch.


Hippies from Chitwan, Land at Janakpur

"What are you guys? Hippies! Hippies from Chitwan! Get some life, get back to Kathmandu. Have you seen your dress, let alone your deranged and tired faces? I do not have any money to lend you. You can go to Devghat and call it a night; they have a free service there". Tara Dai hits us hard on the phone. READ DEVGHATS SERENE AURA Having spent 2 days at Navodhaya School, Chitwan after a night at Devghats peaceful aura; most of our friends planned on hitting the capital at the dawn. And then there we were, I and Suvash pondering; how much pain can one human bear. We had spent two days in the Musahar community listening to their gut-wrenching troubles, and their…


Drunk and High: Kalinchowk 2014

This blog is going to be completely natural and completely raw. Disregard any grammatical errors, do not expect any literary explanation; hop with us on the trip to Kalinchowk all drunk and high. Right now, I am drunk and I will try to share the best moment of my life. I never knew Ruslan vodka and Ganja would give us that much energy that we, those who wore addicted to motorbikes could walk more than 6 km in the snow without any hesitation. It was Feb 14, 2014, while others were probably busy cuddling and vowing their partners of living together the whole life, we were stranded, drunk and high - completely free - with only a destination on the mind, Kalinchowk.  5…


Devghat’s Serene Aura

When did you get so spiritual? Why does every pinnacle and shrine make you so whimsical; even the smell? Pashupatinath, Krishna Mandir, Devgaht, what next? We were at one of the hotels ("Bhatti") at around 6 in the morning. Backpacked, we were ready to head out for Chitwan, to conduct research in the Mushar Community residing just an hour away from the scintillating light of Sauraha - the major tourist attraction. As always, with barely any plans on top of our head, we were conversing sitting at one corner of the hotel taking a sip from the cup of tea. In the virgin rays of the sun, dust whirled around our face from the stairs above us. Someone just ran through it; the…


The Hunger To Escape II

Did you read the first part of our escape from the capital? If not, The Hunger To Escape II might not be that interesting to read. You will get stranded at Besisahar, not knowing how we even got there. Read the first part here: THE HUNGER TO ESCAPE I We reached Besisahar at around 3 pm. It is a growing city, one could notice that when the scene of birds resting in the wires stands out. The wires had Besisahar connected with the modern world; tangled, however, searching its own conventions, traditions, and ethnicity. The winger we were in, managed us a ride to Chame, without even having us to walk a foot. We took our backpacks, hid the empty bottle of Rum…

-Mumbai- India’s New York
Photo: Padmanaba01

-Mumbai- India’s New York

From Kathmandu’s only International Airport, a turbulent and almost 3 hours of flight isn’t supposed to take us much farther from its calm premises, but it took me by surprise while landing at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. Unlike the name of the airport, the hospitality and customs at the airport were rather conventional, large enough to make it seem peaceful. Getting outside, the hoard of cab driver surround you to take you with them. As much as it thrilled me to feel like a celebrity surrounded by paparazzi, I would recommend you book an Uber on your way out. It was around noon and irrespective of time, traffic always seems to be at its worst in Mumbai. Streets were full of vendors…


The Last Haven : ABC

Definitely the coldest night of my life. The temperature was at a -20 but the wind chills could have been below -40. The rooms in the camp were so cold that we had to basically sleep with our shoes on, while being buried beneath a rubble of 3 woolen blankets. Almost everything liquid had frozen well before the clock hit midnight. It was a clear cloudless night for the most part. I had found a way up the slopes and was busy observing the stars. Then suddenly, there was a crackling sound, like a hurricane coming in from the North. I looked up and saw perhaps the fastest moving cloud system ever, encircling me. In an instant, it enveloped the Massif, shut out…


Kalinchowk: The Blanket of Snow

It was a dull winter in Kathmandu with holidays looming in. Had been more than a week, the clouds of dust were whirling with the gloomiest of days; barely the sun had come out to show some signs of hope and happiness. Out of nowhere, the icy-thoughts of playing with snow made me head out on a journey where snow would overcome the gloomiest days of the capital. So, I along with my close friends decided to hit the road. There were many places near and far from the valley where the news of snowfall was reported. We decided to travel to Kalinchowk, Dolakha which was nearly 135km from the valley. All the preparations were made and we started our journey from Bus…


The Mardi Diaries – II

Read The Mardi Diaries - I, know us better and read the remnants from our journey! Waking up to the chirping of birds under the clear blue sky was already the most that we could have asked when we headed out of the noisy, dusty capital i.e. Kathmandu. Sidhing had already ruptured our heart with its beauty and its soothing songs. It was around 7 am in the morning when we headed out with only a goal: to reach Mardi Base Camp before the dusk. Our legs were burning from yesterday's long trek from Pokhara; even one footstep felt like a mile and the thoughts of reaching Base Camp was but a mere hope. As we walked pass Sidhing, the mountains welcomed us,…

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