5 Best Places To Visit In Pune

My primary purpose of traveling to Pune was to meet the love of my life. But that story is a blog for some other day. This is me trying to shortly describe my travel to Pune and some of its significant places during my two weeks stay on this delightful City. 5 Best Places To Visit In Pune Traveling to Pune from Mumbai through a flight was a disastrous idea. The traffic of Mumbai was scary, tempting me to instead travel through the plane. But the domestic flight of 20 minutes got delayed so bad, and to add to the pain was the knowledge about beautiful highway joining Mumbai and Pune. Ouch, but here we go. If you are the one to think…


DARJEELING- A Sweet Cup of Tea

A place lying along the borderline east of Nepal, taking a bus to Darjeeling takes someone with severe endurance of long-distance travels through bumpy roads. On the way, a well-cooked Biryani around Chitwan and a freshly fried fish from Koshi made the trip at least full. The journey, on the other hand, was quite hectic. Nevertheless, we persisted and reached Darjeeling, supposedly the paradise for newlyweds couple on the West of Bengal. Upon reaching the place, which as expected was a little wet, we surrender ourselves to the hotel, with not even an ounce of energy left in our body to start exploring the place. The next day, having slept early, we got an early head start to start exploring. Of course, we…

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