10 Reasons Why Oxford, Mississippi Is The Worst!!!

1. There is literally no place to drink. Even the Square has a Library. 2. Absolutely no bookstores. No history of Nobel prize winning writers either. 3. People in Oxford think double-decker buses are a myth. 4. Greek Life? What is Greek Life? It’s probably banned in Oxford. 5. Wish there were more trees on campus. Squirrels to Ole Miss is like Unicorns to real world. 6. I wish tailgating was a thing. 7. You’re probably gonna have to drive to Memphis for lunch.



What is it about driving in the middle of a lifeless desert that makes it so peaceful? Is it the rarity of life itself? Or, is it the silence? Whatever it is, it is beautiful. It almost makes me want to dress up like a cowboy and pretend I am in a Western movie while I stop at a gas station in the middle of nowhere and walk slowly with confidence. And when the night falls and the cold wind blows, I just look at the sky and see everything that I have been missing out, thanks to light pollution. I don’t even notice when the western picture turned into a ride through La La Land, romance and cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson’s…


7 States- Colorado

"Samerito, I got an Idea. Why don't you go to Cali with me? We will end up at Texas before Christmas." For a guy who was staying with strangers, those words from a buddy were like an invitation to escape the prison. I replied "Hell yeah! Bro. Let's do this". It was my 4th day in Denver, the Mile High City. I had been staying in the cheapest Airbnb room there for 4 nights now. It was a small room and adding bunk beds for 5 people in one room made it even smaller. I was sleeping in a single bedroom 5 days ago and that day I was sharing the room with strangers. The room wasn't the only reason I wanted to…

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