DARJEELING- A Sweet Cup of Tea

DARJEELING- A Sweet Cup of Tea

A place lying along the borderline east of Nepal, taking a bus to Darjeeling takes someone with severe endurance of long-distance travels through bumpy roads. On the way, a well-cooked Biryani around Chitwan and a freshly fried fish from Koshi made the trip at least full. The journey, on the other hand, was quite hectic. Nevertheless, we persisted and reached Darjeeling, supposedly the paradise for newlyweds couple on the West of Bengal.

Upon reaching the place, which as expected was a little wet, we surrender ourselves to the hotel, with not even an ounce of energy left in our body to start exploring the place. The next day, having slept early, we got an early head start to start exploring. Of course, we were going to start from Tiger Hill, famous for its majestic sunrise through the outlines of Mt. Everest. A perfect Darjeeling Tea, famous throughout the world did add the cherry on top of such a mesmerizing morning.



Scenic View from Darjeeling

As we continued our journey through these tropical queens of hills, we came across this amazing peace pagoda that provided such a beautiful place for all of us to meditate and take our foot off the travel schedule. Following the peace, the pagoda was sightseeing through Happy Valley Tea Estate, a garden so big and entirely dedicated to brewing the infamous tea of Darjeeling. Dressing
up in a cultural fashion of local Darjeeling also became the highlight of our day. To mark the end to the first day of our trip, we traveled upwards of Darjeeling and enjoyed a horse ride through the cold and misty wind.

As we took plenty of rest, the first destination on our travel log was to Darjeeling zoological Park. Covering massive area, we got to see many rare Himalayan species breeding on the zoo, with Red Panda and Snow Leopard being the most prolific ones. As we traveled through the zoo amused by seeing so many rare animals, we encountered upon Himalayan Mountain Institute within the premises of the zoological park. An unexpected but a welcoming surprise nonetheless. The place was practically a heaven for trekking and climbing enthusiast as it was filled with various magnificent mountaineering displays and many expedition artifacts. A calm yet somehow noisy at the same time sound of a train roaming around Darjeeling also added to its frolic beauty.

As the tour was coming to an end, Sikkim was up next on our log. We did manage to travel to the Rock Garden and explore few parks nearby before catching our bus for the ride to Sikkim.


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