Drunk and High: Kalinchowk 2014

Drunk and High: Kalinchowk 2014

This blog is going to be completely natural and completely raw. Disregard any grammatical errors, do not expect any literary explanation; hop with us on the trip to Kalinchowk all drunk and high. Right now, I am drunk and I will try to share the best moment of my life.

I never knew Ruslan vodka and Ganja would give us that much energy that we, those who wore addicted to motorbikes could walk more than 6 km in the snow without any hesitation. It was Feb 14, 2014, while others were probably busy cuddling and vowing their partners of living together the whole life, we were stranded, drunk and high – completely free – with only a destination on the mind, Kalinchowk.  5 motorbikes and 11 of us. What would you expect next? Triple load on one of the bikes, sounds fun eh?

None of us had ever experienced snow until then, so we were not prepared at all. I was on converse and likely others were as well. Thankfully, we bike riders always carried raincoats, so 5 of us did not bother to care much.


We were on an educational tour. Our educational tour ended in Khadichaur but most of us decided to move on to Kalinchowk via Charikot. It was just another usual night at Charikot with booze and herb. Before hitting the bed, we planned on heading out to Kalinchowk at the earliest of the morning.


It was 12 pm already when we geared our bike to Kalnchowk – 20 km from Charikot. Hungover from last night, we all knew it would be one hell of a trip to get to Kalinchowk. Meanwhile, our सोझा friends had already started trekking early morning. After 12km of an awful ride, the flurries of snow began to sprinkle. None of us had seen snow until then; the grumpy faces, which we had worn due to the hangover perished under the canopy of snow. 15 km more and it was starting to snow heavily. The rugged path as we gained elevations were now covered with the blanket of snow; it was all painted white. It was like a dream, riding bikes on the fluffies of snow with mind wandering possibilities and probabilities of every happening yet to be uncovered. We were high on weed and we thought we could even ride tigers then; let alone the bikes on the snow. That is youth, that is energy that I so recall today but lack profoundly. After 2 km in an intersection, we could not move our bikes.


As it was snowing heavily, we had to use all our labor to push the bikes from the main road to the side of the intersection. It almost took 10 mins for each bike so we lost almost an hour but gained an inexplicable memory and friendship. Kuri village was still 6 km uphill from there and some friends were hesitant on leaving bikes in the middle of nowhere. However, we needed to move on, thankfully, I had a big 2 liters Sprite bottle and my friend had one and a half full Ruslan vodka.

We mixed one full vodka with the Sprite and in that snowy cold day, we gulped every dreg of it. It made us feel warm. We still had one-half Vodka and the next thing we did, we quaffed it neat. The bikes were no more of a problem anymore. We were living the life of a Riley now. Few more sticks of Ganja and we would walk 6km with no pain, with no feeling of the cold rustling wind. It was awesome. We were at Kuri village leaving our bikes somewhere in the middle of the jungle; not knowing if it would still be there tomorrow.

Next day, we went on to visit Kalinchowk temple and as soon as we could, headed down to Charikot. We asked some fellow travelers if they had seen 5 bikes somewhere down the road. They all nodded, answered yes. That was a great relief. I am almost 27 now, and I miss those days where my decisions were based on fun and wildness. While I lay down with a beer, I think of all those dreary things that would have occurred to us on that trip alone. We never get the youth back. So to all the readers, have fun, make some awesome memories and play with your life when young.

P.S. You will have more fun in Nepal if you do your Bachelors there.

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