Hippies from Chitwan, Land at Janakpur

Hippies from Chitwan, Land at Janakpur

“What are you guys? Hippies! Hippies from Chitwan! Get some life, get back to Kathmandu. Have you seen your dress, let alone your deranged and tired faces? I do not have any money to lend you. You can go to Devghat and call it a night; they have a free service there”. Tara Dai hits us hard on the phone.


Having spent 2 days at Navodhaya School, Chitwan after a night at Devghats peaceful aura; most of our friends planned on hitting the capital at the dawn. And then there we were, I and Suvash pondering; how much pain can one human bear. We had spent two days in the Musahar community listening to their gut-wrenching troubles, and their lifestyle. However, we considered pain and suffering the other form of happiness, which when viewed through the spectator’s eye might seem disconcerting. But, have we all not found suffering, even if its Mercedes that drives one home?

Hippies from Chitwan

We bid goodbye to Prajwal at Narayanghat. Rajesh had left earlier; we did not even notice. Tara; his parents lived at Chitwan. He left at noon convincing that he would invite us for dinner later that night. It was me and Suvash; stranded at Narayanghat with Bibek dai who had joined us on our adventure while in Chitwan. However, he had a destination in his mind – Nawalparasi. We did not. There was no way we could head to the capital; it was not even an option. I would prefer loitering around the jungles of Chitwan as a nomad rather go back to shitty Kathmandu. And so did Suvash. We were out from the capital for at least 4 days, and we still had a day to spare before the phone would start ringing incessantly.

Well, what next? We sat next to the Narayanghat roundabout in front of the stores, which were all closed. It was probably 9 pm then. We had no money. Those with some cash had already left; not worrying where we would end. Thanks, however. That taught us a great deal. Both of us had spent all our money yesterday at Rapti Beach Hotel; thinking we could later split the bill. Drunken thoughts, how handy would that be? Well, here we were at Narayanghat in the middle of nowhere smoking the past away.


Not less than Hippies, probably lot of them called us Hippies from Chitwan.

I made some phone calls to my friends. Luckily, Pukar (one of my friends) said he would come to Narayanghat and help us out. That kind of made sure, we would not spend our night sleeping in front of the store; not knowing if we would wake up against the bars in some prison. Half an hour went by, and there he was: our savior. He bought us tea and asked our whereabouts. We were not sure. We answered Janakpur out of blue. Might be the conversation we had at Devghat triggered us. He handed us some money; enough to make us visit Jankapur and then return back to the capital.

But, how do we get to Janakpur?

There were few laughs, seeing us heading to Janakpur out of nowhere. Pukar helped us find a bus that would take us near Janakpur. It was almost 10 pm then, I guess. The helper of the driver convinced us that he would help us get to Janakpur. But, we had to get off at Dhalkebar; 45 minutes away from the major site. The bus was full of people; and we were quite sure we were heading to the Eastern part of Nepal. The songs that resonated the bus, and the smell that nearly made me puke (no offence), which I got used to in an hour made me think, I was already at Janakpur.

It was around 2 am in the morning. The driver asked us to get off the bus and find some shelter. The helper had already slept. He was to be found nowhere. We got off. We had no clue where we were, and had no freaking clue where we would spend the night. We could see a small tea station near us; a mid age women serving tea to the passengers like us, ending there somehow. We sat around the burning log, sipping some milk tea. It was getting cold and our tired body needed some sleep before heading to the major site tomorrow.

We started looking for a place to sleep leaving the firewood behind. It was dead silence. Nothing, not even the cricket made any sound. We planned to call one of the numbers listed on the hoarding board just outside of the hotel. Luckily, the owner picked it up. He handed us a key to a room, and the first thing we did – we slept. And we thought, we really have bceomeHiipies from Chitwan!

Sunrise from Dhalkebar

On our next blog, we will be taking you to Jankapur! Keep following.

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