How To Do Tilicho Trek in 5 Days?

How To Do Tilicho Trek in 5 Days?

It sounds like a lot when you hear:

“How To Do Tilicho Trek in 5 Days!”

I know what your mind processes when you listen to someone murmuring the word “Tilicho”.


The lake at the highest altitude, which rests upon the lap of snow-capped mountains. Altitude sickness, blizzards, scary roads, and what not? These are the very first things that come to ones mind when Tilicho makes it to the talk or even to the head unknowingly.

Alright, let’s cut the banal talks. And get you started on planning your trip to Tiliicho Lake. Firstly, make sure you are all fit and ready to experience any thrill that the trek might bring.

DAY 1: Kathmandu – Besi Sahar | Besi Sahar – Chame, Manang

  • Get yourself moving in the earliest of hours. We started our trek at around 5 am from the capital.
  • Take a bus/micro or a winger to Lamjung from Kalanki or Bus Park, Gangabu. We took a winger from Bus Park, Gangabu at around 7 am.
  • Expect to reach Lamjung at around midday. We were there around 3 pm due to some bad traffic near Besi Sahar. It’s a 5 to 6 hours drive.
  • Be sure you talk to the driver and the helper about you planning on heading for trekking to Tilicho lake. They will come real handy when at Besi Sahar.
  • Once you get to Besi Sahar, first thing first, you should find yourself a ride to Chame, Manang. We were lucky enough that the driver of the winger found us a Sumo that would take us to Chame, Manang. We did not have to loiter around Besi Sahar to find a Sumo. Be sure you talk to the locals on the bus or winger. They will be of great help.
  • During the season, there should be plenty of options to get to Chame. We went there during December- offseason. And the fate had taken care of us. The Sumo charged 1000 NRS per head from Besi Sahar to Chame.
  • Along the way, you will see some of the best scenes that nature has to offer. Take your cameras out, you do not want to miss these moments.
  • Once you leave Besi Sahar, you are at the other part of the world where nature speaks more to you than people. Talking about people, they are very humble and will help you as much as they can.
  • Oh, I almost forgot, make sure your bags are filled with snicker bars, coke, noodles, some water bottles. They will come real handy. You do not want to pay an extra 100 Rs for every stuff while at Manang.
  • You will get to Chame, Manang after an adventurous ride of 4-5 hours. You do not have to worry about food and all during the season, but if you are considering winter or offseason, make sure you follow the driver of the Sumo. He should take care of you. He will order food for you while on the roads so it doesn’t get too late to prepare food. During the offseason, they prepare the food only once the order is placed. So, plan accordingly.
  • Expect it to get colder and colder as the night fades in. And about food, you should be paying around 450 NRS for a meal (Chicken) at Chame. A decent meal with good services.
  • Most often they do not charge you for a room if it’s offseason, but it depends. Our hotel had no rooms left, but the manager offered us to sleep where his co-workers slept. So, it was all good. But it got colder during the night. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL THE WARMEST CLOTHES TO COVER EVERY NAKED INCH OF YOUR SKIN.


  • You are at Chame. Let me not spoil the best part. Well, let me. Everything is frozen. You want some water to head to the bathroom, well better luck finding it not frozen. Get yourself some toilet papers as well. That will be of great great help.
  • You will wake up to the most beautiful scenes you have ever witnessed in your life. At the lap of the mountains, watch the sunrise while the moon goes down. Damn, I wish I was still there.
  • This is going to be a long day of trekking. Avoid Sumo and all now. TREK! YOU ARE THERE TO TREK! That way you won’t suffer any altitude sickness as well. You will get everything on your way; the best of all: people of Manang. Also, you will get to taste the local apples and visit the Argo Manang Farm.
  • Make sure you save everyone’s contact number once you leave Besi Sahar. I mean it, everyone you speak to. You never know when you might need help.
  • Head out from Chame just after the sunrise. Get started.
  • Remember we are reaching Tilicho in 3 days. So we are going to trek all day long.
  • We stopped for lunch at Lower Pisang. We had some fried rice. You have to wait for them to prepare it for you. So, this one will be a good rest.
  • Most of the trekkers call it a day. They stay at Pisang. But,
  • We walk. Remember, 3 days!
  • Make sure you follow the signs on the road. Ask the locals if you are on the right path. Keep asking, don’t hesitate.
  • We had a lot of adventures along the way. Read The Hunger To Escape I and The Hunger to Escape II for detailed information.
  • At around 8 pm, you will reach Manang. It will be one hell of a trek. We got enough rest along the way. It is possible to make it to Manang, don’t get intimidated by people words that you can’t make it or it will get dark or so.
  • You will find a hotel. Be sure to check if there’s anything open at Manang from Chame during the offseason. Make a phone call, or ask the hotel owner at Chame. They will help you a lot. You should find an ATM. There’s a small Manang market which you will find amazingly beautiful.
  • They will charge you for food, a good decent price of around 450 (Veg). We said we were referred by someone at Chame, so we did not have to pay the cost of the room. YEAH, play that card if you can. You might get lucky. Don’t do so during the season though. That’s a waste.
  • Sleep tight! They have a good room and they will offer you blankets too. Next morning, we head straight to the Base Camp!

DAY 3: MANANG – KHANGSAR | KHANGSAR – Shree Khadga | Shree Khadga – BASE CAMP

  • If you have made it to Manang on a trek, it is almost sure you will make it to Tilicho Lake. You already will get acquainted with the altitude and that’s good.
  • The view from Manang – majestic. I will share a video here as seen from the place that we lived for a night. You will get awed by the landscapes and the beauty.
  • We started with a cup of tea. Reached Khangsar at around 11 am in the morning. Expect it to get windy. You can see Khangsar from Manang and think it’s not that far. But, believe me those steep hills will ask more of you than your willingness to reach Khangsar.
  • Enjoy your lunch at Khangsar. We had to pay some decent money, and it was good food too. You will feed on any amount of spices due to the cold. It just doesn’t matter. You will digest anything you eat.
  • After a meal at Khangsar, head out to Shree Khadga. Nothing special but you know just have a destination on your mind where you will rest for a while.
  • Roads will start getting more adventurous. You will walk through some of the dangerous roads in the world. And it feels good to be a part of it, to be under the big rocks which are ready to fall any seconds.
  • We were at Shree Khadga at around 2:30 pm. After some rest, we headed to Base Camp.
  • We made it to the Base Camp just in time, at around 5 pm when the wind was blowing right into our face. And let’s not talk about the weather. The temperature was plummeting to the negative degrees in an exponential way.
  • We sat around fire most of the time. There were other trekkers too, and it was fun to listen to what they had to say about the trek.
  • We ate our dinner and headed to one of the rooms provided to us. With plan to head out to Tilicho Lake at around 6 in the morning, we called it a night.


  • Get Ready for another awesome day full of the trek. This is the day that we have all waited – to finally get to see Tilicho lake.
  • Start your trek early. You do not want to be at 5000 m altitude at day time. It will start getting windy and you can’t even walk properly.
  • We were at Tilicho Lake at around 10 in the morning. It was already windy. We stayed there for 30 minutes probably. Tilicho was all ice. We forgot every mile of a trek, which had us breathing so hard. One needs to go to Tilicho and explore heaven.
  • We headed back to the Base Camp with pride, that we had made it to the Lake. Most of people have a hard time breathing and fail to get to the lake. We were all good, no sickness nothing.
  • 12 – 12: 30: We were at the Base Camp. We ate the first meal of the day. We had to pay around 800 NRS for a meal (Veg). It does get expensive.
  • After some rest, we started trekking at around 1 and reached Khangsar at 5 pm. We had a plan to stay at Khangsar, but due to the deadlines that we all had to meet, we headed to Manang after eating some noodles and egg at some hotel in Khangsar.
  • 7:15 pm: We reached Khangsar. We sat around firewood. I had not felt that good in my life. We had just accomplished the greatest trek of all time.
  • We slept at Manang after making some phone calls to one of the drivers who brought us to Chame from Besi Sahar. We needed a ride from Manang. Luckily, there was someone coming to Humde the early morning. And if we could be there at that time, he said he would manage the ride for us.
  • In the way to Manang from Khangsar, it had started to snow. And we were lucky enough to have found the shelter by the time it started snowing heavily. No jeeps would come to Manang at this point, so our only option was to trek to Humde Airport where a jeep would give us a ride.
  • Again, make sure to make contacts. As I said before, they will come real handy.


  • We had to reach Humde by 7 am. We started to trek at around 5 am in the morning. The road was full of snow. Everything, even the rugged hills yesterday were all white.
  • We were at Humde at around 7. There was a jeep loading the stuff of locals who were leaving Manang for winter. He hollered at us, and there it was our ride to Besi Sahar.
  • We had agreed to sit at the back of the jeep on that shivering cold. I can never forget that ride in my life. We sat at the back of the jeep exposing ourselves to the snow, dust and everything for another 5 hours.
  • 3 pm: We were at Besi Sahar
  • Get ready to be the center of attraction; your dusty apparel will grab everyone’s attention.
  • We headed to Kathmandu!

Get some rest now! You have had some craziest treks of all time, enough to make a movie. If you want to read more detailed version of our trek, read the blogs: 



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