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"Samerito, I got an Idea. Why don't you go to Cali with me? We will end up at Texas before Christmas." For a guy who was staying with strangers, those words from a buddy were like an invitation to escape the prison. I replied "Hell yeah! Bro. Let's do this". It was my 4th day in Denver, the Mile High City. I had been staying in the cheapest Airbnb room there for 4 nights now. It was a small room and adding bunk beds for 5 people in one room made it even smaller. I was sleeping in a single bedroom 5 days ago and that day I was sharing the room with strangers. The room wasn't the only reason I wanted to…

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The Hunger To Escape I

It was an early morning; the roads were free of vehicles. However, they were not free of dreams. I was heading out to Baneshwor from Shankhamul at the earliest of the morning, where dreams as in day were not as noisy but were lost in the silence. They were prepping themselves to face the incessant sorrows and hurdles that the bright morning would bring with the rays of hope and new desires.

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Friends in High Places

The last light of day hitting the mountain peaks. A herald of the forthcoming cold and darkness in the Annapurna vale and also, an exigency for haste. Getting caught on the slopes after sundown could mean hypothermia alongside cruel fits of altitude sickness. Furthermore, one has to consider the possibility of blizzards, avalanches and what not. So, traveling alone might get really precarious. A sturdy company can be what stands between you and death, when adversity hits! We started out as a company of four: my mom, my brother, my friend Ronish and myself. But, by the time we reached this point, only me and my friend remained. My mom decided to rest in the town of Chhomrong, which was at a walking…


The Home Stretch

The final hill one has to traverse before reaching the Annapurna Base Camp. My friend and I, could see the lights of the base camp, encircled by all the mountains. We thought we had made it to the end and I, to be specific, started celebrating. It was a straight road to the camp. Considering the fact that we had scaled numerous hills and tapering stairs over the days to get there, this 1 km stretch of ice and stone seemed to be a stroll. Couldn't get easier, could it? Well, that's what it sounded in my head. The reality was different. When all was said and done, we were dragging our feet and clinging to our walking sticks to reach camp. It…

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