10 Reasons Why Oxford, Mississippi Is The Worst!!!

10 Reasons Why Oxford, Mississippi Is The Worst!!!

1. There is literally no place to drink. Even the Square has a Library.

PC: Yelp

2. Absolutely no bookstores. No history of Nobel prize winning writers either.

3. People in Oxford think double-decker buses are a myth.

(PC: the local voice)

4. Greek Life? What is Greek Life? It’s probably banned in Oxford.

(PC: UM Fraternal Leadership and Learning)

5. Wish there were more trees on campus. Squirrels to Ole Miss is like Unicorns to real world.

6. I wish tailgating was a thing.

7. You’re probably gonna have to drive to Memphis for lunch.

8. No sports atmosphere whatsoever.

9. Literally nothing iconic.

10. The buildings on campus look like a warehouse.

(PC: Pinterest)

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  1. Nice

    1. Thank you, Prashant!

  2. Been in Oxford for more than 3 years now, and it turns out double-decker is a myth lol πŸ˜›

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